Perfume History and Origins

Aromatic substances were known to humans since the days of prehistory. Since then they were used to make places where we live smell good, to cast away demons, to send prayers to gods and to make us smell good. Today we still used them and although we use more modern materials to make them their purpose is almost the same.

Picture Of Elizabeth Of Hungary

Hungary Water

Early perfumes where thick and oily with strong scent. When alcohol became a prevailing ingredient for preparing perfumes, much more peasant variants began to appear. The first perfume of this type to appear in Europe was Hungary Water.

Picture Of Burning Incense Fragrance

History of Incense

Incense is today in much wider use that it was when it first appeared thousands of years ago although its purpose is largely the same. It is used in religious ceremonies, as a method of repelling the insect and as a source of pleasant smell among other things.

Picture Of The Making Of Llily Perfume
Picture Of Etruscan Perfume Vase