The Benefits of Wearing a Perfume

Although using of some types can be unsafe, perfumes have certain benefits (otherwise people wouldn't have use them for thousands of years). International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF) spent the last 20 years in trying to measure how aromas and fragrances affect us.

Here are some of beneficial effects of perfumes:

  • When you use perfumes you smell good. That is the primary reason why anyone uses perfumes. They also carry the smell of clean which sends the message that person wearing it cares about his/hers personal hygiene which makes that person more socially acceptable. Perfumes are not meant to hide existing bad smells but to enhance the smell of clean body.
  • Scent can help you remember things you want to remember. If you are feeling happy, buy a new perfume and start wearing it. Every time you wear it after that it will trigger happy memories from the first time because information of the scent is stored in long-term memory and has strong connections to emotional memory in the brain.
Picture Of Retro Red Perfume Bottle
  • Odors can amplify the mood you are in if used wisely. Different smells boost different moods. A bit of experimenting is needed but you can acquire a palette of perfumes that can boost the mood you like only if you start with some of it and that use the perfume that will amplify that mood.
  • Odors can also create moods. They can relax you or make alert.
  • Except for mood, perfume can also boost your confidence. Your confidence is boosted by simply knowing that you smell good. It works in the same way as clothing in which you feel relaxed and/or pretty.
  • Many perfumes can work as aromatherapy. Odors of winter spices, citrus, flowers and other can relax you and lower your level of stress. Some scents are universal in this but, again, some experimenting is needed for you to find which ones suit you better. This will make you less stressed out, lower your blood pressure and (some say) even help you in healing.
  • Perfume can also make you attracted to someone or make someone attracted to you. Perfume doesn't have to have pheromones, it just has to be pleasant and sensual to that someone.
  • All this doesn't directly improve someone’s health but creates positive feelings and lowers stress which indirectly affects health and make person healthier. Stress can cause a great deal of illnesses and lowering it is a good thing.
Picture Of Retro Red Perfume Bottle
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