Perfume Tips - Choosing the Perfect Perfume

To choose a perfume that suits you can search and search. But there thousands of new fragrances appear every year and this could not be an easy task.

Here are some tips that could help you.

  • To test the new perfume, spray it on your skin or on a perfume blotter if you don't want to use it on yourself. If you smell it from the bottle the smell of alcohol may be too strong and change the fragrance that you feel. The best way is to apply it on your skin and wait 10 to 15 minutes for it to “work” with your skin.
  • Don't read ingredients of the perfume and base your decisions on them. Different ingredients work with each other in different way and because you don't like one in one perfume, doesn't mean you would not like it in the other.
  • When applying perfume on your wrists, don't rub the wrists together. It will make perfume evaporate faster.
  • If you wear jewelry on your wrists don’t apply perfume there. Metal can change how perfume smells and some jewelry can be damaged by perfumes.
  • When you are testing perfumes, don't test more than three perfumes one after the other. Your nose will “overload” and practically stop sensing other smells. Take a pause and continue later. If you can collect samples and tryout perfumes over the course of few days.
Picture Of Old Perfume Bottle
  • When you store perfumes don't place them in the hot location like under a lamp or in the sun. Best place for perfumes is dark, dry and cool place (a closed cabinet, up to moderate room temperature).
  • For a perfume to last longer skin has to absorb it. The more the skin absorbs the longer the perfume will last. To achieve this take a shower before applying the perfume to make the skin wet. You can also use moisturizer on the places where you apply the perfume.
  • Don't put on perfume if you are sunbathing because it can cause photo sensitive reaction in the form of dark spots or a rash. Especially, perfumes with bergamot oil applied to skin can cause extra sensitivity to the sun.
  • Wear lighter fragrances in the summer when it is hot. Leave the stronger ones for cold weather and nights.
  • Some perfumes have coloring and can stain clothes, so be careful when applying perfume.
  • Alcohol from perfume can damage the hair so don’t apply it directly to hair. Perfume the hairbrush instead and it will transfer the smell to it.
  • If the perfume that you chose is too strong for you try the variant with the same smell but with a lower concentration - “eau de toilette”.
  • Perfume don’t stop sweating so it cannot be used a substitute for deodorant.
  • Don't use strong perfumes when you go to work especially if you work in smaller and closed spaces.
  • Don't use perfume in larger quantities – use it in moderation.
  • One of the methods that you can use to make perfume last longer is so-called “layering”. The idea of layering is to find a body wash and lotion that will lengthen the duration of perfume. You start with a shower gel with a neutral scent as a base. After that you use a body lotion without fragrance or with a smell that complements the perfume. As a finish, use a perfume.
Picture Of Old Perfume Bottle
Picture Of Vintage Perfume
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